Practicing Karma: From Necessity to Freedom [October 24-27, Bangor, PA]

What do you think of when you hear the word karma? What is the relationship between karma and freedom? What is the doorway into our karma? - A master class/retreat with Yael Armony, from the Center for Biography and Social Art

In this workshop we will explore these and many other questions, using practical tools and exercises.

Hotam School is a leading training center for anthroposophical biographical counseling in Israel. Over the years, the vast knowledge presented by Rudolf Steiner has been researched and developed into a practical method to use in biography work. The goal of this master class is to explore our own individual karma while working with objective spiritual laws.

Completion of the master class will enable participants to access additional online classes provided by Hotam School.

Yael Armony is an experienced Teacher, Biographical Counselor and Art Therapist. She writes, “Biography Counselling and my work at ‘Hotam’ School provide an answer to a deep longing that had dwelled in me for years, without my knowing what to name it and for this I am grateful! Today I have the great privilege to accompany others, as a teacher, along this unique path and to take part in the direction and development of the school. In my work I connect between the deep spiritual knowledge of Biography Counselling and Anthroposophy and the vast psychological and therapeutic knowledge I had accumulated in my years as an art therapist. My ‘second loves’, art and writing poetry, integrate with my methods of teaching in various creative ways.”

Sponsored by the Center for Biography and Social Art

Location: Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA 
Cost: $650 including room, board and tuition
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