Reading & Meditating the "Philosophy of Freedom" [Online symposium, Aug 3, 6-10am Hawai'i time, 12-4pm ET, 6-10pm Germany]

The goal of the symposium is to experience different aspects organic writing style in the Philosophy of Freedom, and is to learn about how to meditate as indicated by George O’Neil.

For more information, go to Interested? Email Mark Riccio.

Topic 1:

History of Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom the power and promise of correct reading.
Making the Text work safe: grounding exercises. On why George did not share too much.
New Goals of group work: Brotherhood, socializing, and working together.

Group reading and condensing the Second Appendix - rhythmically.

Topic 2:

Results of text study and energetic hygiene: heart opening and auric expansion exercise.
Group study of the four laws in the Second Appendix: Rhythm, Climb, Polarity, Inversion.

Topic 3:

How to write organically like Steiner: how to use the Second Appendix as a model of writing. Key words, grammar and syntax,  sentences rhythm, and other writing devices that create the levels.

Organic Writing exercises.

Topic 4:

Go over the advanced meditation instructions from George O’Neil and Florin Lowndes.
Discussion and sharing experiences with the text work.

Future of the organic thinking: starting different types of study groups.

Sunday, August 4th 6:00 AM Hawaii time to 10:00 AM (6 hrs. ahead in NYC, 12 Hrs. in Germany)