Renewal Online 2020: Serving in the Interval - Week One

Online summer program weeks with the international faculty and broad course offerings cherished in traditional summer gatherings. For Waldorf teachers and administrators, as well as parents, trustees, artists, and thinkers seeking to deepen their lives through anthroposophy.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are excited to offer an interactive online Renewal experience with the stellar international faculty and broad course offerings we all cherish in our summer study together. Renewal is designed for Waldorf teachers and administrators, as well as parents, trustees, artists, and thinkers seeking to deepen their lives through Anthroposophy. We hope you will join us for Renewal Online 2020: Serving in the Interval!

Tuition for an online course is $395.

Courses are listed below.

If you have previously registered or placed a deposit for an on-campus Renewal course,information about a refund and/or transfer into an online course is available on our website here.

See the weekly course schedules here.

With gratitude and best wishes,
Karine Munk Finser
CfA Director of Renewal Courses and Renewal Online 2020

We are offering the following Renewal Online 2020 Courses.

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Week 1: Sunday 28 June - Friday 3 July

Teaching Grade 1: Once Upon A Time. . . with Lori Kran

Teaching Grade 2: From Form to Solid Foundation, with Michael Gannon

Teaching Grade 3: Becoming a Steward of the Earth-- Awakening to Self and Surroundings with Kris Ritz

Teaching Grade 4: Celebrating the Earth--Hearing the Voices of our Elders, Reclaiming the Sacred with Angela Lindstrom

Teaching Grade 5: The Golden Age--Feet Upon the Ground, Gaze Toward the Heavens with Jen Kershaw

Teaching Grade 6: From Romans to Romance with Phil Fertey

Teaching Grade 7: A Year of Awakening and Exploring with Alison Henry

Teaching Grade 8: From Revolutions to a Free Society with Jennifer Chace and Lynn Thurrell

Week 1 Extra Details

Support Faculty in the Arts & Sciences
Meg Chittenden--Singing
Leonore Russell--Eurythmy
Roberto Trostli--Physics

Guest Lecturer: Christof Wiechert
Christof Wiechert will offer the keynote and closing addresses live from Holland, and 1 pre-recorded lecture in Week 1.

Week 2: Sunday 5 July - Friday 10 July

The Heart of our Spiritual Mission: Historical Beginnings, Healing Impulses, and the Call of Destiny with Michaela Glöckler

Strengthening Our Destiny Vessel: Biography Life Cycle Work in the Time of Consciousness Soul with Linda Bergh and Jennifer Fox

The Inner Path to Living Knowledge of Earth and Humanity in Light of Climate Change with Karsten Massei

Deepening Waldorf Education: Meeting and Understanding Every Child in Our Care through Active Work with the Curative Education Lectures with Robyn Brown

Living Thinking: Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom with Michael D'Aleo

Waldorf 101: A Course for Early Childhood and Grades Assistants, Parents, Grandparents, Board Members, and Friends of Waldorf Education with Signe Motter and CfA Staff and Senior Faculty

Week 2 Extra Details

Opening Keynote Address and Mid-Week Lecture:
Michaela Gloeckler

Support Faculty:
Leonore Russell
Meg Chittenden
Karine Munk Finser
Torin Finser
Douglas Gerwin
Milan Daler

Closing & Goodbye to Renewal Online 2020:
Karine Munk Finser
and Douglas Gerwin

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