Summer Festival of Arts and Education [Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto: July 8th through July 26th]

The Festival includes grade intensives for Waldorf teachers from grades one through eight, an introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood, courses in chalkboard drawing, felting, watercolor painting, meditation and nutrition. These courses can be for Waldorf teachers, or parents, or adult who wants to learn more about Waldorf and the arts. Also included are courses in Chekov drama, nature and art, and even English as a second language as a healing exercise. The RSCT also offers full and part time courses in Waldorf teacher development, and Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy, both Encounter and Distance.

Week 1 - July 8 to 12

Morning Workshops

Art of Teaching Grade 1 – Vivien Carrady
Art of Teaching Grade 2 – Brian Searson
Art of Teaching Grade 3 – Justin Trombly
Art of Teaching Grade 4 – Les Black
Art of Teaching Grade 5 – Phil Hartman
Art of Teaching Grade 6 – Patrice Maynard
Art of Teaching Grade 7 – Jane Hill
Art of Teaching Grade 8 –  Phil Fertey

Biography - Dorothy LeBaron


Afternoon Workshops

Art of Teaching Grade 1&2 – Remedial (Yasmeen Mamdani) & Music (Monika Sutherland)
Art of Teaching Grade 3&4 – Remedial (Yasmeen Mamdani) & Music (Monika Sutherland)
Art of Teaching Grade 5&6 – Sculpture (Phil Hartman) & Music (Patrice Maynard)
Art of Teaching Grade 7&8 – Sculpture (Phil Fertey) & Music (Patrice Maynard)

Working with Wood - Gordon Lewis

Eurythmy - Susann Herb Eddy

Week 2 - July 15 to 19

Morning Workshops

Meditation and the Spritual Path of the Waldorf Teacher - Robert McKay
Introduction to Anthropsophical Medicine - Fiona Hughes

Afternoon Workshops

Magic of Coloured Dust - Brian Searson
Creative Felting - Kathie Young
Watercolour Painting - Larry Young

Week 3 July 22 - 26

Morning Workshops

Waldorf 100: The First Teachers Course - James Brian
Waldorf Essentials - Merwin Lewis
Learning English as a Second Language for Adults as a Healing Exeercise - Agathe Polach
Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education - Heather Church (all-day course)

Afternoon Workshops

The Eastern Way of Understanding Nature and Art - Joong Gwang and Young Sook Kim
Chekov Theatre - Kati Gabor
Movement Games for Grades 1 to 4 - Marie France Bertrand

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