Summer Watercolor Painting Course: Lesson Preparation for Waldorf Teachers [July 15-20, Harlemville, NY]

In the annual intensive Painting Course taught by Gail McManus, participants experience a unique approach to painting with children of Grades 1 - 12. This approach is based on specific indications given by Rudolf Steiner to teachers of the first Waldorf schools.

The course provides a solid foundation for creating meaningful, satisfying painting lessons which inform the students’ well-being and creative capacities in all areas of learning.

During the Painting Course, each teacher receives individual guidance regarding painting motifs associated with the class they will teach in the coming school year. Teachers of all levels of painting experience find the Painting Course refreshing and highly supportive.

The Instructor: Gail McManus is a graduate of the Goetheanum Painting School,  Dornach, Switzerland. There she studied indications given by Rudolf Steiner for a new approach to watercolor painting. For the past 30+ years, Gail has taught painting workshops and classes for beginner and professional painters in the US and internationally. Gail is also a former Waldorf class teacher and painting teacher.

COST and REGISTRATION: Tuition (which includes materials) is $500. 

Please send a $50 non-refundable deposit to be applied toward tuition to
Gail McManus,  952 17th St., Apt. A, Santa Monica, CA 90403.
Some tuition assistance may be available

10% DISCOUNT IF REGISTERING BEFORE June 1 (date extended!)      

ACCOMMODATION and CHILDCARE: Assistance is provided. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact or ph 518 653-2957.