Sunbridge Institute Summer Series [June 22 - July 26, Chestnut Ridge, NY]

Programs of interest to all, including a new Introduction to Anthroposophy, plus programs for school and administrative decision makers, and educators in the areas of early childhood, grades 1-8, and high school. Weekend workshops and five day courses...


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Welcome to Summer Series 2019, offering professional development and personal enrichment opportunities for those already working in Waldorf Education and leadership, and introductory experiences for anyone interested in discovering Waldorf Education. This summer you’ll find the return of some great workshops from past summers, along with our popular mainstay titles and a brand-new workshop offering: The Essentials of Anthroposophy.

Each 5-day course and 2-day weekend workshop includes a mix of content-based work, artistic work, and discussion, designed with both balance and rigor in mind. Your days will be rich and full, with each period of your daily schedule individually tailored to the specific subject you have come here to study.  Come prepared to learn—and to be inspired!