The Applied Arts: Man in the Center - Goetheanum Visual Arts Section Conference [May 30 - June 2, Dornach, Switzerland]

Heide Nixdorff, Textiles - Anna Deimann, Jewellery - Reinhold Fäth, Furniture - Peter Zimmer, Applied Art

Dear artist friends and those interested,

We cordially invite you to the section conference “The Applied Arts - Man in the Centre“.

Rudolf Steiner confronted the modern rationalist world view of his time with a completely new, innovative everyday aesthetics in design, architecture and other areas of life that put Man in the centre. It is still relevant today and contemporary tendencies seem to have been anticipated - such as being inspired by growth processes, organic forms or the need for ecological and social responsibility.

Steiner circumscribes the plastically formative artistic or applied art as working out of respect and consideration towards its use (GA 294, 23.8.1919). It leads to the „reality of the world of artistic illusion“, or to a different kind of „beauty“ for which a life-filled sense can be fundamentally developed (GA 303: 14. Lecture; Dornach 5.1.22).

Our questions:
- How do we experience Steiner‘s designs?
- Are we aware of the necessity of this „new kind of beauty“?
- How can we continue to understand and implement Steiner’s innovative approach?

We look forward to your coming and to working together!

Marianne Schubert
Section Leader

„Tablecloth, hat, advertising poster, bed frame, door handle, garden gate, lighting
body, book cover, company logo, candleholder, shares certificates, cupboard, chair,
table, lamps, blackboard, entrance ticket, umbrella handle, belt buckle, radiator
panels, door, window frame, wall mirror, garden bench, music stand, vignette,
initials, hammer, plummet, banister, library ladder, sofa, armchair, altar, incense
holder, Christmas tree decorations, wallpaper, tie pin, medallion, pendant, ring,
broach, textile, hall seating and lectern - some of them Rudolf Steiner designed
only once, many several times, all are exemplary for anthroposophical «art up to
the spoon».“
Source: “Rudolf Steiner Design. Spiritual Functionality“ by Reinhold J. Fäth


Ethnologist, research in the cultural anthropology of clothing.
Goldsmith and freelance artist living in Bochum. Jewelery, object art and research on materials and metal design.
He studied art, art history and art therapy but is also a carpenter. PhD at the University of Konstanz, honorary professor of the College of Arts in Social Ottersberg.
Studied philosophy, art history and archaeology. Author of numerous books and collaborator in the Rudolf Steiner Archive, Dornach. 
Bothmer gymnastics instructor and ceramist, lives in Alsace.

Details in the attached PDF.