The Karma Project: A Western Approach to Reincarnation & Karma [May 8, 7:15pm Central 8:15 Eastern; Online]

A presentation on the psychological understanding of karma, with special guests Drs. Roberta Nelson and David Tresemer.

The Central Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America invites you to a presentation on the psychological understanding of karma, with special guests Drs. Roberta Nelson and David Tresemer.

Guidance - and challenge - from Rudolf Steiner (August 3, 1924): "If we want to experience our karma in a comfortable way -- it will surely take vengeance on us in one way or another ... to be anthroposophists we must be able to observe our own experience of karma with constant wide-awake attention."

Roberta Nelson is Faculty Chair in the 3-year programs offered by the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP). She has a doctorate in Counselor Education that qualifies her to supervise, educate, and counsel. In addition, Roberta is dual licensed as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) as well as a Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC) in the state of North Dakota. She has other trainings and certifications in Psychosynthesis, EMDR, NVC, and other modalities.
David Tresemer is President of AAP. He has a doctorate in psychology from Harvard. He has written about various aspects of anthroposophy applied to issues in our world, the most relevant for this webinar being contributing to and editing of The Counselor: As If Soul and Spirit Matter (to which Roberta Nelson was a major contributor) and Slow Counseling, as well as quarterly columns in Lilipoh magazine.

Our approach on May 8: An anthroposophic psychology must take seriously the different functions of body, soul, and spirit. Spirit—light, freedom, beyond time and space; Physical Body—vehicle for experience and expression; Soul—the mediator. Karma—held as precious in Spirit, stamped into the Physical Body, and worked in Soul. Whereas the Spirit sings in light and freedom, the Soul learns through darkness and constraints, through struggles. The anthroposophic notion of karma helps us understand how we can wrestle with our own being, transforming through experience.
Audio-video: We will have some images on screen, though we will describe these to those who join by telephone.

Preparation: Please have a pen and blank paper. If you have chalk-based pastels, please have those ready as well.

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