Western Region

Anthroposophical Society in America


The Western Regional Council’s (WRC) primary task is to connect people and to encourage the circulation of anthroposophical ideas and initiatives in the American West. The WRC seeks to deepen esoteric and community life through visits with groups and branches, meeting with local members in person or online. In order to be aware of local activity and give needed support for any issues, each council member maintains connections with the contacts in their assigned region.

The Western Regional Council

The current members of the Western Regional Council are:

Micky Leach
Santa Fe, NM

Paonia Mills
Denver, CO

Sandra Stoner
Sacramento, CA

Sebastian Heycke
San Francisco, CA

Timothy Kennedy
Portland, OR

Christine Burke
Ventura, CA

For local websites and individual groups
& branches contacts see the listing here.

Note: for historical reasons Hawai'i has its own Anthroposophical Society.

Western Region Activities

Survey Results

Several friends have been wanting to find other anthroposophists in their geographic area. If you would like help to make those connections, please email us at WRC@remove-this.anthroposophy.remove-this.org and tell us where you are located.

In August the western regional council shared an online survey to ask how the council can better serve the region. Here is the summary of responses.

Warm regards, Sandra Stoner

Western Region Report, ASA Annual Meeting, 10/9/2020