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Anthroposophical Society in America

Welcome to the Eastern Region

Verse for America

May our feeling penetrate

Into the center of our heart,

And seek, in love, to unite itself

With the human beings
seeking the same goal,

With the spirit beings
who, bearing grace,

Strengthening us from
realms of light

And illuminating our love,

Are gazing down upon

Our earnest, heart-felt striving.

— Rudolf Steiner

Translation by Frederick Heckel
- - -

Our Eastern Region is now working in these three areas:
Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

Mission of the Eastern Region Holding Group

The Eastern Region Holding Group consists of individuals from the three areas (Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas) who see it as their mission:

  1. To support, further and share the meaningful work of Rudolf Steiner and the whole of  Anthroposophy in the eastern region through exchange of ideas, research and art generated within local groups and members. 
  2. To provide opportunities for human beings longing for the spirit to meet each other soul to soul, through conversation platforms.
  3. To promote larger exchange of information and collaboration between branches and groups and radiate out the healing effects of Anthroposophical spiritual endeavors in the Eastern Region.
  4. To create a bridge between the national organization and the groups, branches and members of the Eastern Region.

Eastern Regional Holding Group

Dave Mansur, Cathy Green, Angela Foster and Gino Ver Eecke

Gino Ver Eecke

Chestnut Ridge, NY

Gino Ver Eecke is the current  Eastern Region representative to the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in  America. He met Anthroposophy in his birth town of Roeselare, Belgium, at the young age of 16. After working for a year on a BD-farm in Switzerland, he moved to New York to study eurythmy, receiving his diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley in 1994. For eight years he performed as the character of Benedictus with the Threefold Mystery Drama Group, culminating in the performance of the Four Mystery Dramas in the summer of 2014.  During the Mystery Drama Conference at the Goetheanum in July 2018, Gino performed the last scene of “The Soul’s Awakening.” Currently he guides the work of the Threefold Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in Chestnut Ridge, NY, and he also serves as the President and Treasurer of the Eurythmy Association in North America.

David Mansur

Amesbury, MA

David is currently Treasurer and an at-large member of the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the House of Peace in Ipswich, MA and is past president of the Board of Trustees of the Cape Ann Waldorf School in Beverly, MA. David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from the University of Lowell and is employed by Physical Sciences Inc. as a Principal Project Engineer specializing in Optics. He and his wife, Mary, are graduates of Spikenard Farm’s 3-year course in Sustainable Biodynamic Beekeeping and the Pfeiffer Center’s 1-year part time Biodynamic training program; they live in Amesbury Massachusetts and are blessed with three sons and two grandsons.

Cathy Green

Nashville, TN

Cathy first learned about Anthroposophy through her interest in Waldorf Education 1990 and became a member of the Nashville Rudolf Steiner Group led by Phyllis Phillips. In 1991 she became a member of the Anthroposophical Society and member of The Nashville Waldorf initiative to facilitate the interest for a Waldorf School in Nashville. In 1996 she joined the School of Spiritual Science.  2010 Phyllis moved to Oregon due to health issues and Cathy was appointed leader of the Nashville Rudolf Steiner Group. The  Middle Tennessee Anthroposophical Branch was formed in 2015. In 2017, she attended the Second Southeast Region gathering. She attended her first AGM in 2019 in Atlanta and participated in the Living in the Branches gathering. After the meeting she was invited to become a member of the Eastern Regional Holding Group as a representative of the Southeast region. Cathy has a strong enthusiasm for many aspects of Anthroposophy. Her nature is to socialize with people from all different backgrounds. And she enjoys participating in community events that offer Anthroposophical interest to those who may not know about Dr. Rudolf Steiner.

Angela Foster

Decatur, GA

Angela grew up in Texas and is now embracing life in Atlanta. She is an artist, teacher and mom of two daughters, and has been an active student of anthroposophy since 2008. She and her husband, Patrick, manage the Anthroposophical Resource Center (ARC) an initiative in Decatur, Georgia that offers space for community events and serves as a little house for Anthroposophia. She is currently enrolled in a foundation studies in Goethean science program through The Nature Institute and also participating in the Geotheanum Adult Education Program (GAEP).


"We should see significance in the fact that we receive the spiritual treasures of Anthroposophy together with those who are united with us as members of the Society. This feeling of being together and of receiving the Spiritual together, is not to be viewed lightly as having no meaning or value."  --Rudolf Steiner, The Life, Nature and Cultivation of Anthroposophy CW26 6 April 1924

We hope you will join us via Zoom for our next Eastern Region Video Newsletter, online on Thursday, November 10 at 7:30 pm. ET.

Join Here via Zoom

Meeting ID: 828 4119 8534
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Meeting ID: 828 4119 8534

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 Agenda: Nov 10

Three regional branches and groups will share their work for approximately 20 to 30 minutes each.

From the Southeast Area, Barbara Bittles will share about a new initiativecalled Sacred Undertaking.

From the Mid-Atlantic Area, Heide Ratliff will share about the Princeton Group.

From the Northeast Area, Alice Groh will share about the Anthroposophical Society in New Hampshire.

The following questions were offered as a guidance:

  • How do you work with and involve the School of Spiritual Science and the wider anthroposophical movement?
  • How do you foster a relationship with the national office?
  • What role does your branch/group fulfill in your community?
  • How is anthroposophy fostered in your branch/group?
  • What are your future plans?

This event will be recorded and viewable afterwards for a limited time.
We look forward to seeing you all on the call,

Gino Ver Eecke
Eastern Region Representative to the General Council (NY)

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